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YEP, you have it right, you can become certified as a Youth Entertainment Professional with Girl Adored Entertainment.

What is a Youth Entertainment Professional?
A youth entertainment professional is an individual who specializes in bringing fun entertainment to children at birthday parties, corporate events, school events, and other community events.

Some youth entertainers are face painters, balloon artists, and of course special characters and mascots.

What does a certification do?
1. Boost your confidence.
2. Offer a seal of endorsement to your clients.
3. Connect you with experienced professionals to mentor you as you grow.

What does the certification cover?

  • Performance Art Skills:
    • Party performance
    • Audience engagement and management
    • Balloon design
    • Character development
    • Costume / prop construction, maintenance, and repair
    • Face painting
    • Glitter body art
    • Improvisational acting
    • On camera conduct
    • Presentation for still and video capture
    • Interview techniques
    • Etiquette and professional decorum
    • Story telling
    • Teaching games
    • Vocal inflection, projection, and dynamics
    • Educational and developmental play for children
    • Fitness for children & adults
    • Posing and modeling
    • Dancing and singing
    • Full mascot work
  • Administrative and Customer Service Skills:
    • Client contract comprehension
    • Client expectation management
    • Copyright respect and usage
    • Customer service
    • Group management
    • Individual & team based problem solving
    • Market research
    • Staying legal and compliant
    • Multi-tasking
    • Project planning and goal setting
    • Proper conduct in client settings
    • Reading comprehension
    • Risk management for child-based events
    • Scope management
    • Social media conduct
    • Time management
    • Waiting line management
    • Workplace injury prevention strategies
    • Worksite organization and tidiness

“To do something, however small, to make others happier and better, is the highest ambition, the most elevating hope, that can inspire a human being.”

-John Lubbock

How do I sign up?
Applicants can apply here.

How much does this cost?
For individuals signing up to work as independent contractors under Girl Adored, cost of training is minimal.

I thought I couldn’t play a princess, because I was a mom, but here I am making all the kids smile as a professional princess – to include my own!

-Sophia S.


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