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Top 7 Places To Host Your Next Party

bellaSo, it’s birthday time and you’re wanting to do it big this year. Okay, maybe not big, but at least better than last year. The problem is deciding where to host the party.

I’ve planned birthday parties and events for years in many different cities and I do see some repeats. Lucky for you, I like sharing and I like helping, so I’ve listed the top 7 places to host your next party no matter where you live.

  1. Your Home. I know, I know. This is a no brainer, but seriously, don’t rule it out as an option. I’ve attended parties held in the backyard on nice days, downstairs in the second entertainment space, and right in the living room. Some of the best parties I’ve attended have been hosted in the home.
  2. Community Centers. Many community centers offer rooms for rent that may accommodate a guest count of 25 or a guest count of 250. The decorations may be limited as many centers don’t allow things on the wall, but you can get creative and still end up making the room look fantastic. Most often the fees for the smaller rooms are affordable and worth it. Be wary, too large of a space can get expensive to decorate if you are trying to stay within a small budget.
  3. Recreational Places. These include pools and parks. Parks are great for outdoor bar-b-ques with little clean up. Some pool places have a small party room attached that they rent out for parties. If you are lucky, they may also have an indoor pool so you can rent the room and have a pool party in the cold winter months. Who needs summer?
  4. Movie Theaters. I admit, I’ve never held a party at a movie theater, but I’ve seen other moms do it and their kids couldn’t be happier.
  5. Restaurants. Maybe this one won’t rank too high on your list if you live in an area that doesn’t have a Chuck-E-Cheese or other spectacular kid restaurant, but it’s definitely still an option. One year my daughter wanted to have her birthday at Pizza Hut so she could eat pizza and have waiters sing to her. She loved it and so did all of her friends.
  6. Industry Specific Locations. Does your child participate in gymnastics or dance? Many industries that provide lessons host birthday parties at their location, too. Check them out.
  7. Bowling Alleys, Skating Rinks, and other Specialty Places. These locations really make it easy for you to do a party, but at a cost.

The great thing is that no matter where you have your party, there are several professionals who are available and willing to help you with party planning, food prep, photography, cake designs, and characters to perform at your event. (Ahem! We’d love to help!)


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